Kuressaare Sadam

General information

Winds: mainly south-western, 6-8 m/s

Kuressaare is a resort offering a variety of high quality tourtist and holiday making services, human friendly living environemt, sustainable economy and modern infrastructure. Kuressaare is a popular destination among both Estonians and foreigners due to its insular location, but also a safe, beautiful and well taken care of urban environment. The city centre has maintained its idyll from the time Kuressaare was called a pearl among Livonian cities. Thousands of people a year visit this summer resort that is among the most popular ones in Estonia.

The most unique attraction in the city is a 13th century bishopric castle-fortification surrounded by a park rich in species of plants. The old town area is protcted due to its architectural values that are revealed in the classicistic buildings. Kuressaare today is a developing, friendly and safe modern city, offering good opportunites for entrepreneurship and relaxing. Kuressaare is a city where people are pleased to come back again and again and where everybody is always welcome.

Fisrt written data on Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa come from 1424.
The freedom of town was granted on 8 May 1563.
Self-government: 1 October 1990
Area: 15km2
Population: 15,074 (01.01.09)
Climate: mild maritime
Average temperature: summer 190C, winter -10C
Average sea water temperature: June 170, July 18.50, August 190