Kuressaare city harbour

Maps: EC 305, 306, 519, 628, “Charts of Estonia” Vol. 3
AC 2215, 2223, 2816
Blueflag: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Shelter: From all winds
Max. lenght: 30.0 m
Max. draught: 2.5 m
No of berths: 132
Berthing: Pontoons with buoys
Navigation: Approach from SE along the leading line
321.5° –141.5° (Oc W/R/G 4s – Oc W 4s) until the WP1 – 58°11.74´N; 22°32.00´E. The next waypoints: WP2 -58°11.80´N; 22°30.90´E,
WP3 -58°11.78´N; 22°28.62´E (first waypoint for approach from SW), WP4 – 58°12.50´N;
22°28.14´E (directional buoy of the entrance fairway). Continue along the channel marked by spar buoys of the lateral system (length 2900 m, width 24 m, depth 2.5 m) and leading line
1.3° – 181.3° (Q W – Oc W 1.5s; white rectangles with black stripe on red metal column). Entrance to the marina is marked by a green (Fl G 3s) and a red (Fl R 3s) light-beacon on the heads of the breakwaters.
Contacts: Tel. +372 453 3450
Mob. +372 503 1953
E-mail: sadam@kuressaare.ee
Services: Accommodation 150 m
Bank 1500 m
Bathing place 300 m
Bicycle rent
Busstop 200 m
Chemist 150 m
Child’s playplace 300 m
Drinking water
Engine service/Shipyard
Food store 200 m
Harbour office
Hospital/doctor 150 m
Internet WiFi m
Letter box 150 m
Liquor store 200 m
Passport control
Post office 1500 m
Refuse disposal
Restaurant 500 m
Special attractions 200 m
Toiletsevage pump-out facility
Visitors’ berth


PRICELIST OF KURESSAARE CITY HARBOUR (prices includes 20% VAT)  Established by Kuressaare Jahisadam from 07.02.2018. Quayage for visiting boats: 1.1. vessels with the lenght of up to 13m              25EUR/24 h 1.2. vessels with the lenght of 13m to 20m          32EUR/24 h 1.3. vessels with the lenght exeeding 20m            4EUR/m/24 h Quayage includes: *quay position *fresh …


The first settlers on the island of Saaremaa that emerged from the sea at the end of the Ice Age, were most probably seals who came nesting at Viidumäe. As the climate was warming up, the soil, flora and fauna appeared as well as first seal-hunters. As a result of the uplift of the earth …