Return to Kuressaare city harbour



 Established by Kuressaare Jahisadam from 07.02.2018.

  1. Quayage for visiting boats:

1.1. vessels with the lenght of up to 13m              25EUR/24 h

1.2. vessels with the lenght of 13m to 20m          32EUR/24 h

1.3. vessels with the lenght exeeding 20m            4EUR/m/24 h

Quayage includes:

*quay position

*fresh water

*power supply (220 V)


*shower and toilet

*reception of waste

*reception of bilge

*Wireless internet



*From 4th deduction -10% and from 10th call deduction -50%.

*Onlay-time to 8 hours quayage is 7 EUR, ley-time exeeding 8 hours shall be viewed as overnight stay and will be taxed in accordanse with the lenght of the vessel.

*Each 24 hours started shall be viewed as entire 24 hours and shall be payed as a full day.

*Catamaran vessels shall pay extra charge 50% from the price.

*Vessel with over 4 people on board shall be charged an extra 2 EUR per day in addition to the berth fee, starting from the 5th person.

  1. Other services:

2.1. sauna                                                     20 EUR/hour

2.2.shower                                                     2 EUR/person

2.3. washing mashine                               4 EUR/hour

2.4. laundry dryer                                       4 EUR/hour

2.5. washing machine with dryer        7 EUR/hour

2.6. lifting ramp for vessels                         free

2.7. safekeeping of vessels on the territory

of harbour according to usable surfake:   1.2EUR/sq.meter per month

2.8. bicycle rent                                          3 EUR/hour; 10 EUR/day

2.9. paddle boat rent                                  5 EUR/hour


  1. Caravan parking


3.1. Caravan parking                        18 EUR/day + 2 EUR/person

100 EUR/week  + 10 EUR/person                                                                                                                                                                 350 EUR/month + 35 EUR/person




*Parking place in a restricted area

*Power supply (220V)

*Shower and toilet

*Drinking water


*Empying of sewage

*Reception of waste

*Possibility of washing the dishes

*Wireless internet

*Kids up to 10 years free